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Private Party


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Birthday Celebrations at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Thailand


To create a unique world, somewhere between Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, in an environment that was beautiful, strangely exotic and exciting, but without being too intimidating.



About This Project

Designed and built in-house, The Full Effect created an ornate double-decked tower, with a revolving core section. With limited space available, the tower was positioned centre stage, so that the models were able to pass to and from their preparation area through the internal revolves in the tower for access and egress onto the main catwalk, which zigzagged between the guest tables set on the floor area of the Royal Albert Hall. Guests in the galleried tiers of the Albert Hall had an unimpeded view of all the action too.

A hot soundtrack, celebrity guest list and fabulous lighting set the tone for this major event in London’s fashion calendar.