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Battersea Evolution Christmas Parties


To create an all-encompassing environment for a series of public dinners, to include a resolution that allowed all diners to feel close to the entertainment stage, without reducing opportunities to earn revenue from dining table sales


Styling Set & Decor

About This Project

The Full Effect designed and built a ‘journey to the mysterious East’, where a giant hand carved golden Buddha was set amongst lush foliage, surrounded by Wat spires, terracotta tiled gateways and a multitude of brightly lit split bamboo bars and street stalls.

In the dining area the main stage was dressed like a bustling neon lit Bangkok street scene. When the performance commenced, the central section, clad in Expamet simultaneously tilted and trucked forward, creating three different performance heights for the cast, thus allowing guests to view the entertainment from all positions in the dining space.

Upon conclusion of the performance, the stage returned to its original state within 3 minutes, its neon lit upright being the perfect disco backdrop, thus leaving the main dance floor clear for guests.

This effective solution allowed a satisfied client to increase their table sales through usable floor space, as well as delivering a high end production.