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How to Choose an Event Management Company or Production Agency

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Choosing an Event Management Company or Production Agency to carry out work for you is something that needs to be taken seriously and given a great deal of thought.  With that in mind, we’ve highlighted 3 key areas that we believe you need to know, consider and/or identify before choosing an event management/production agency to work with.


Check on experience. This is important for the client – think of it from their point of view…

If you were a client and putting your event in someone else’s hands, you would want to see what the company or agency has done before.  Equally, you would also want to check that what is being said is true. Technology has brought many advancements, but you will be surprised by the number of people who will pass off the work of others as their own.

Meet in Person

Meet your supplier face to face. This is important on a number of levels; by meeting and getting to understand your supplier you can assess how they react to your questions, how they respond and ascertain a level of confidence in their previous work. Of course, everyone has to start somewhere but this presents a problem when an event manager is practising at your expense as the client.


Understand Your Objectives

Understand your own objectives – it’s important to truly know what you want so that you can then brief clearly. By being clear and in asking the same of your event manager, you will know what there is in terms of understanding and agreement, on everything from budgets to time scales. You need to know that your objectives are achievable and if not, the event manager needs to be able to advise on this going forwards.

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